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Test - Chapter 18 Sec 2 Issues  Question

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30 years from now - Student Short Stories. ( It is not all of them, just a sample of some them.)

Senior PSLA Survey Results - click here.


-Fowler Virtual Talent Show. !



Please continue to log on to clever, through library links, to access the assignments in Clever.  Last Day of School - June 16h. 

Ctizenship in the age of Covid-19. The virus challengers our values - Liberty, Justice, Common Good.  Is Liberty more important than Public Health - who decided?

cnn may 19 2020

Tuesday April 21st

This weeks - Big Idea - Ciizens Protesting - Virus vs The Economy. 

- log on to clever, through library links, to access the assignments in Clever.

scrubs vs protesters denver

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Weds April 15th 

Also, I will generally respond to student questions and concerns over remind, email or phone betweein 8:00 am and 2:50. You can send me emails or remind/text msgs any time, but I will generally only respond during those times (Monday through Friday).

Tuesday, April 14th. 

Thank you to everyone who responded about the problems with Canvas. Everyone should see assignments now. Please go to www.ssgates.com for more information

I will be closing online quizzes on SSgates.com ; for now on all work will be through canvas. I will complete grades on Thursday. As I finish up grading tomorrow - if you have failing grade for the 3rd. Marking period you will receive an incomplete grade. 

On Weds an assignment will posted that will allow you to  reflection on the 3rd marking period.. The reflection will be on canvas.  I will factor this into your final grade when I do  final 3rd Marking period grades. The more information you give the more I can boost your  your grade. 

As we do the distance learning, t here will be bumps along the way. I have made mistakes with canvas but with your input , I will make the assignments more interesting and valuable to you. I will be grading on completion of assignments, and effort. 

Finally if it is difficult for you to work online, hard copies of the assignments will be available at Fowler. They can be picked up on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday between 10 am and 12pm

Monday, April 13th 


4th Marking Period is starting. We will be working through “Canvas”.  

 The First assignment for Canvas is ready its says Monday but not due to Weds - click here to logon to Canvas, Through Library Links, then Clever then Canvas


Thursday, April 9  

New assignments have been added - click here to see them   

Please note grades are still being updated. Hard Copy work can be turned in until April 10th at Fowler, or take picture and send it to me. . The online work can be completed by Next Tuesday - April 14th., and still be added to the grade. Grades are being updated, but will not be complete/finalized until next Thursday. 


In case you were not aware the 3rd Marking Period was extended to April 6. The last day to turn in assignments for the 3rd Marking is Friday April 10th.  Grades are being updated in school tool. 

Currrently some important school news items: 

1) New York state cancels Regents exams due to coronavirus pandemic. What this means for students will be release tomorrow - Tuesday. 

2) Coronavirus in NY: Cuomo extends school, business closures until April 29

3. Onondaga County is asking every county resident to stay at home and to only conduct “essential’’ errands like grocery shopping on certain days of the week.- Onondaga County Executive McMahon announced the new directives Sunday. Both were motivated by mounting evidence that some people were not taking the pandemic seriously.

Here’s how it will work:

If you were born in an even year, such as 1970, then run errands and go to county parks on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

If you were born in an odd year, such as 1971, then go out on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Sundays will alternate. On April 12 even years go out; on April 19, odd years go out.

Friday April 3, 

Hard to believe its Friday , I posted new assignments (remember these extra-credit assignments, make for attendance issues, missing class work, grade boosters) 

Not sure what day it is something Funny to watch….What Day Is It? | The Daily Social Distancing Show

  click here for those stories and current assignments

and one last item from Syracuse.com -     Coronavirus 2020 high school seniors face heartbreak and anxiety: ‘We’re running out of time’ 

Thursday - April 2

No assignments for today, catch up on work day. But 3 news pieces were posted - One about wearing masks - should we? , 2nd Why the Census matters, and finally story about some roommates making music while stuck in their apartment .

  click here for those stories and current assignments

Who is Google honoring on April 1 - click here to find out

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How to coronavirus-proof your home

Map of coronavirus in Onondaga County

Do the Five Help stop coronavirus

Editorial cartoons for March 22, 2020 Walt Handelsman | Tribune Content 

Important Dates:

 April 3 end of Marking Period

Click here for instructions to get Text or Remind messages for the class. 


- Senior Trip - June 2019

- Senior Breakfast - TBD at School

- Senior Prom - TBD

- Graduation - TBD


School Wide Event: Black History Media Panel, Live Museum, Active Citizenship Project /Black Politicians and Media, Voter Registration Drive (deadline Pol parties, April.)

Reschedule Date:

- House Party Pajama Jam Dance and Family Move Night ? 


Q R Code Generator


2/ 27th - Stakeholders Meeting re Graduation:   The meeting is on  here at PSLA at 5 p.m., and concerns how graduation will be assessed and determined in the coming years- the stronger our presence at this meeting the better!  This is civic involvement at its best! 


Political Cartoons (from the Week). 

Cartoons for 10/17

1) please take the following survey - Life at  PSLA @ Fowler

2) Then - browse the library books - and sign out 1 non-fiction book and 1 fiction book. Record the book on the citation sheet. 

(ESF Econ students - please choose one article from this list (with a partner) . 

Song of the Week -  Video Clip 1

Kidjo based the lyrics on a Yoruba (a group of West African people) proverb: "A bird that is burned today will not die unless the faith of the bird ceases.”

Big Idea of the Week -  Why might an active good citizen need a moral compass? how does one acquire a moral compass?  How does the Preamble to the Constituion and Decleration of Independence layout a moral compass for the United States?

Thursday Sept 12  2019

1 ) Assignment - Reflect on the Moment of Silence law - click here 


1st Days - Thursday Sept 5 and Friday Sept 6

1) What is Active Citizenship

2) Review Syllabus  - Evidence vs. Plagerism , Good Government , Good Citizen vs. Bad Ctizen.

3) Review Rules

4) Review Procedures

5) Build Community / Solidarity

6) Where are you going? How will you get there? Will you have many rivers / obstacles to cross?  - Video Example 

Aug 2 

- PD - Exploring Haudenosaunee and scientific perspectives

June 9, 2019

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